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Your contact lens sample

Whether you want to wear contact lenses only very occasionally, every day or all day and night, there is a contact lens suitable for you.

Your 1 week contact lens sample:

1. Book you sample appointment: Book an appointment with the optician who will assess your prescription, tear type and eye shape. She will then discuss your contact lens wearing needs and she will advise you on the best contact lens options for you.

2. Putting your lenses in and out: You will be shown how to put the contact lenses in and out. There is an easy technique for this and the contact lens materials and moisture cushions the lens onto the eye.

3. Wear you contact lenses home: Go home wearing your lenses every day for a week to experience the visual and physical comfort of contact lenses.

4. Follow-up: Return one week later for follow-up assessment with the optician.

5. Continue contact lens wear: Continue to wear your contact lenses as often or as little as you like. Contact lenses can be collected in-store or delivered direct to your door when further supplies are needed.

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