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Contact Lenses

Help your child enjoy the freedom of contact lens wear.

Children can be very active and sometimes, especially for some sports, their glasses may hinder their confidence or comfort. Many children do not wear their glasses at all for some sports and activities.


Apart from being potentially dangerous when they cannot see clearly for these activities. Some children simply won’t wear their glasses and this can have serious consequences on their longterm visual health and Contact lenses can be a solution to give your child the freedom and comfort of still seeing clearly without glasses. Many people do not know that with the advances made in modern contact lens material and design, children as young as six or seven can comfortably wear contact lenses. They can wear daily disposable contact lenses if they want to just wear them for occasional wear. There is no cleaning or caring for these lenses. They simply wear them for the day or part of the day and throw them away when they take them out.

See our Contact Lens pages for more information on contact lens options.

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